Prayer Requests

Answered Prayer: October 2019

Praise God:

  • For the twenty Farsi-speaking believers from four different churches in Vienna who attended the appologetics seminar in October. We are especially thankful that God granted improved to health of the translator’s wife so that he could attend without concern for his family. We are also thankful for the Speaker, Gernot Zeilinger, and for the great job he did of conveying the goodness, truth, and beauty of the Gospel.
  • For a wonderful trip to Albania in October. We were very encouraged to meet with a church in the south eastern part of the country who is seeking to raise up trained leaders for the church and to plant new churches in the surrounding area. Continue praying with us as we seek to take the next steps to encourage them.
  • For a good start to our discipleship class in the Farsi-speaking church. We have around eight to twelve people who faithfully attend and we are already into the second chapter in the book of Galatians. Pray that they would continue to learn and grow in their knowledge and love of Christ and His gospel.

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Prayer Requests: October 2019

Please Pray:

  • for us as parents to make wise decisions and have God’s continual guidance in our children’s schooling decisions. Pray that Naomi would not be too sad when she misses out on the class trip later in the year.
  • for the work in Ukraine as we plan a trip in November to help the pastors track classes and books and get reports from training that went on this summer. Pray also for short-term trips that we are planning for summer 2020.
  • for the group of young leaders who have been responsible for the English camp in the summers. Pray that we would find ways to serve them and that God would raise up new leaders to take over for them in the coming years.
  • for our church in Vienna to find a new building soon.
  • for Frank to get his residency card soon so that he will not have to leave in December when his ninety day tourist visa runs out.
  • for Russ to be able to get materials translated so that he can start mentor training soon.

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Prayer Requests: September 2019

Please Pray:

That the apologetics seminar for Farsi speakers would go well. Pray that we would have a good turn out, that everything will work out for the translation.

Pray for wisdom as we seek to deepen our relationships with the different Farsi-speaking groups in Vienna. Pray that God would show us the best way to encourage and strengthen these churches and communities.

Pray for a trip to Albania and Greece as we follow up with a couple of pastors in those countries who are interested in our pastor training program. Pray for discernment and that we might be an encouragement to them.

Pray for Russ as he tries to start a mentoring program with a group of Farsi-speakers.

Pray for our church in Vienna to find a new building that would fit our growing congregation.

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Prayer Requests: August 2019

Please Pray:

For Frank Dalton to get his residence card

For a good start of the school year, not only for our kids, but also the kids and teachers at our church.

For our discipleship classes as we start them back up

For the apologetics seminar for Muslim background believers that we are planning for October.

Prayer Update:

The school year has started off great. Levi, who just started this year, is still going through some adjustments so please keep him in your prayers.

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