Brother “Yusef”

Matt continues to go down to the Oasis refugee center once a week. It is always a huge blessing to talk to the young men who come about life and about the gospel. A few weeks ago Matt met a young man named “Yusef” who is from Central Asia and claims to believe in Jesus. “Yusef” doesn’t speak much English, but he and Matt still do their best to communicate. He and Matt talk on the phone during the week and Matt continues to encourage him in his faith and in his struggle through the asylum process. Matt is especially excited about “Yusef”’s hunger for the Bible. “Yusef” is really hoping to get a white card soon so he can go to Vienna. When the refugees are first processed in the camp, which is in the small town of Traiskirchen-20 kilometers from Vienna,  they are given a green identity card. This restricts them to the refugee camp and the surrounding area only. They are not allowed to travel on any public transportation. In the next, less restrictive step in the process they are given a white card which allows them some limited travel. “Yusef” is hoping to get a white card so he can go to Vienna and attend church.  Pray that “Yusef” would continue to grow in his new faith and be protected from others from his home country that might not be too excited about his faith.

Update: “Yusef” has been transferred to another facility in Austria which means his process is moving forward. Matt texts with him regularly. “Yusef” is glad that he has been transferred but lonely because he has no friends with him in this new place. Please pray for encouragement and that Yusef would continue to grow in his faith during this time.

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