Learning to walk and other news

This week I thought we would share a bit of family news and let you know what has been going on in the Eck household.
 Naomi has finally taken to her feet and, as you can imagine, is getting into everything. This is both a joy and a bit of a strain, but it has been fun to see her discover a new world of mobility on two feet. She is also gabbing more and has developed a language that only mom can really decipher. She does say a few words consistently, her favorite of which is “horse,” which would make her aunt quite proud. Dealing with the chaos that is parenting has been stressful for us both, but we can also see God’s hand shaping us both in pointing out our selfishness and continued need of him. We are very thankful for his grace and for the privilege of being parents.
We have enjoyed and are looking forward to more visitors this summer. One of Liz’s friends that was stationed in Germany came to visit for Memorial Day weekend. It was the first time we had seen her since the wedding and a wonderful opportunity to catch up and relax over the long weekend. This July a couple of Liz’s college roommates will be coming to visit the same time that Liz’ s Mom and Dad come to Vienna. One of the hardest things about being away is not seeing friends and family so it is a great blessing to have so many visitors this summer.

2 thoughts on “Learning to walk and other news”

  1. Rachael Gerber

    Matt and Liz,
    It's wonderful to hear how everything is going and how little Naomi is growing! Praise and thanks be to God for the many blessings He has given you and gives to others through you. I pray the rest of the summer goes well for your family and ministry.
    In Christ, Rachael

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