Regional Possiblities

Find Vienna on a map and draw an imaginary line north to south through the middle of the city. Now look to the right of the line and what do you see? Eastern Europe as far as the eye can see. It’s easy to understand how Austria or Österreich, which literally translated means Eastern Kingdom, got it’s name. Considering this there the hope that our team here and in Romania might not only have local but also a regional impact.

In the fall I had the opportunity of visiting some Bible Training Center for Pastors (BTCP) students in Romania. Denton Bible Church has been training pastors there for the last 15 years and the courses continue to bear much fruit in the life of the church there. In an effort to further their training, several of the top students have come in for extra courses that go deeper than the general material. In October, my new field director, Tim Ford, and I attended the course where we both lead devotionals before the lectures. After that we were invited to travel to Moldova, a small neighboring country to help open up a brand new BTCP there. Moldavian culture is heavily influenced by both Romania and Russia, so it was a little bit like going back to Russia for me.  One of the Romanian pastors that Denton Bible has trained has started the course so it is amazing to see how the course is not only multiplying, but being taken into other countries. It was a real honor to be there and help start the first class. I’ve been told that the students enjoyed having us there and I have been invited back.

This has given me a glimpse into the possibilities of our team having not only a local but global impact. Pray with us as we make steps to see where God might lead us in this endeavor.

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