The Family Small Group Riddle

We are so thankful to be a part of a small group for families in our local church. It is amazing to think that this is our second year of being involved with it, especially because for the longest time, we had no idea how to solve the riddle of being in a small group.
Sure, we had led a Bible study in our home, but we had been the only family with kids in that group. So we hosted it in our home after the kids went to bed. But when more than one family with small kids wants to be in a small group, then what?
The elders of our church came up with a great solution: having a twice-a-month meeting on a Saturday afternoon for the whole family. Two families of the group take turns hosting It, and all the kids can play together in a separate room, with older kids looking out for the littler ones.
The concept has been so successful that this year the group birthed a second group to make more room for everyone. Our family hosts the group once a month, with our co-leader leading, while the second meeting of the month is at their place, with Matt being prepared to lead the discussion.
This has been a great way for us and our children to form deeper friendships in the church. Maybe it would be an idea to try where you live! Does your church have a different way of solving this Riddle?

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