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Last month we wrote about how things are going on our current home service assignment (furlough) so I thought I would answer a few of the common questions that people have.

Why are you here and for how long?

Right now, every five years that we are in Austria we are required to come back to the States for a minimum of six months. It also happens that this coming January our church is having its biannual missions conference so we are staying here through January.
What will you be doing while you are here?
When we come back to the U.S. for any significant length of time we usually have three goals; rest, reconnect, renew.
Rest is actually harder than it sounds. Though we miss being in America while we are away, our home is no longer here. None the less, it is important, for a time, to get away from every-day ministry in Europe and reflect on where God has brought us and listen to where He might be leading us next.
Since Denton Bible Church is both our home church and sending agency, it is very important to reconnect with not only our office staff, but also our larger church body. Not only do we have opportunities to serve in the missions office, it is also important to us to get involved in things like Bible studies and mom’s groups. While we are away, it is easy for us to forget that there is such a wonderful local body of believers that love us and are behind what we are doing.
Finally, it is very important that we renew our ties with the individuals who are praying for and financially supporting our ministry. We do our best to communicate regularly though pictures, emails, and even calls, but there is nothing like sitting down face-to-face and getting a chance to swap stories and pray for one-another. We are very thankful for those who have been supporting our ministry and we are especially in need of new partners who will help to send us back by funding the ministry that we do in Central Europe.

That is what most people are asking us about this trip home. What do you want to know?

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