Things We Miss: Grapes

Many people have asked us what we miss while we are in Austria. Of course the top answers are friends and family, but after that there is a small list of things that we just can’t get over there that we are enjoying the heck out of while we are in the U.S.

Grandpop’s Tasty Concord Grape Pie

First on the list are grapes. That may sound strange to you since if you know anything about Europe, you know they have no shortage of grapes. However, you may not realize that the concord grape is native only to North America. This is the grape that is used almost exclusively for grape juice and jelly. The grape juice we have in Europe is made by red grape varieties found there and grape jelly is, to my knowledge, nonexistent there. So while we are here our breakfast juice of choice is grape and we are spreading grape jelly on our PB&Js- no strawberry jelly for us, please.
Source: Ecksfiles City Plaza

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