The Feeling of Possibilities

You know that feeling you get when you step onto a college campus–the feeling of newness, future possibilities, and exciting things to come, like anything could happen? Well, that’s the feeling I had as Matt and I stepped onto the UNT campus last Thursday to attend German Club. I felt like a student again, and unofficially, I am. I am beginning to learn some basic German before we ship out to Vienna in June with the help of Matt, a textbook, this once-weekly conversation club, and soon, Adam’s set of German cd’s (thanks, Adam)!

The club was fun, and although I was the beginningest of beginners there, I was still in the company of some beginners with a few advanced speakers thrown in the mix. At first, I froze when someone asked me a question, and I kept wanting to ask questions in Russian (thanks, Moscow)! But by the end, I was able to clearly say, “My name is Liz”, to spell my name in German, and also nailed my target phrase, “How does one say…?” This week I plan to bust out a few more new phrases I’ve been working on and to get a good start on my numbers. I’m convinced that all of this learning will keep me young (or at least help me not to feel so helpless as I first land in a German-speaking environment for real)!

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